W korean drama ending

When we last left our hero, he was entangled in a mess of clients, kill orders, and trying to answer two questions that haunted him. And what Soo-hyun learned about his own past, and the numbered children, changed everything for him. Most of the plot movement is external, and has our characters reacting to threats, reveals, and the actions of others, rather than the characters themselves pushing the story forward. Still, the characters that we met in Kill It were enough to keep me invested, and I watched mostly to see where they would land after everything played out.

w korean drama ending

Seul-gi, the teen who he saved as a child and protected as a little sister, shared a special bond with him.

She was as jealous of his attention as she was fiercely protective of him. Their bond as they reconnected, the spark between them, and the inner conflict that Hyeon-jin suffered as she began to realize who Soo-hyun really was: these relationships were the best and richest parts of the drama.

TMI, show! I did not need to see inside peeks at bloody operating rooms to understand the heinous extents of the crimes committed. What I wanted to know was what would happen to our characters when they found out. After all, the audience knew more than each of the characters during the bulk of the drama. It was slick, graceful, and made the most out of the performances from the cast Jang Ki-yong might be getting all my attention here, but Nana, Jung Hae-kyun, and Jo Han-chul were also great.

The drama was also punctuated with some really strong moments. Many of these were the action sequences, where the camera work made Jang Ki-yong look cooler than you thought possible. But there were also smaller, quiet moments in the drama that added depth and color, like Seul-gi sitting in front of an empty plate waiting for Soo-hyun to turn up.

Another example: the still moments between Soo-hyun and Hyeon-jin, where nothing was happening on screen, yet so much was happening under the surface. In this respect, Kill It was lucky to have a leading actor with such a strong screen presence. While the direction was really strong, the drama missed out on utilizing some great plot angles and metaphors it set up early on. The first was the metaphor around animals, and canines in particular.

Still, the plot was ripe for this: Soo-hyun himself was imprinted with abandonment, and the drama is really the story of who that made him become.

Those blue eyes are another storytelling layer I wished Kill It had had more time to unpack. We learned early on that those electric blue eyes belonged to our hero Soo-hyun, and in the flashbacks of him as a boy at Hansol Orphanage, his eyes stood out in the grime and filth of those scenes.A love story between a couple in their early thirties.

One day, her father goes missing and she rushes to his workshop to look for him, and instead finds a strange man, Kang Chul Lee Jong Suk bathed in blood. She is kidnapped by him and taken to a different dimension. Other Photo from Official Site. Watch Online in Dramafever. Just my guess…hehehe… ;p. More like sience-fiction! I love science-fiction! Han Hyo Joo is Back!! WoW really Wow. This is exciting!!

Long time no see her drama and she come back pairing with lee jong suk. Love it. Totally great come back for HHJ hope this drama success. LJS please have a good talent on this show not boring acting.

w korean drama ending

The title itself is also unique. Shin Hye and Jong Suk are in a different dramas but I am anticipated and very much excited in this. Also with Hyo Jo, I love her! Eonni… Finally ure doing new drama… Ive been waiting for u for sooo longgg…. Anyone else seen the 7mins long preview during the presscon? This drama is totally of a different caliber compared to the rest.

Rice me! I watched the 7mins highlight too. Totally mindblowing. The transition between real word and cartoon world is very smooth.

And, youre the reason why I watch this drama. Something new and excellent fiction. Merging of both the worlds is pictured brilliantly! Jung Sook is the perfect depiction of a portrait and fits aptly for the character. Loving it already. Good job.

LJS and W team.

W: Two World’s Review And Summary

Prefer this drama than the other drama in wednesday-thursday. Unique story, great actor, actress are nice choices to get viewers enjoying the drama. Oppa kang chul. Second episode already. Still want to watch again this ep, many funny scene… Hope after 10eps the storyline still make me curious about this drama… Fighting!!

I was skeptical about the premise but after the first episode, wow, was I blown away.In the beginning, W—Two Worlds had everything going for it: clever premise, solid leads, scorching chemistry, slick direction, emotional resonance, and a series of insane twists.

Ah, yes. The twists. I actually appreciate when a writer creates an intricate tangle that only he or she can feasibly untie.

It had become the dramaworld version of a giant ratty sneaker-lace snarl that I wanted to attack with an ice pick. That plot point proved a hurdle too high for me to get over—not that Yeon-joo seemed to find the leap too difficult. At that point, the drama lost more than just my emotional trust.

It also lost some of its tension.

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Think what a wonderful conflict would have resulted if these two passionate characters spent the rest of the drama chasing down their archvillain, the black-hooded No Face to be clear, I mean the first—and in my retelling, the only—version of this character while also fighting conflicting feelings for one another. Well, who are you to shoot my father? Meanwhile, their clear romantic attraction would crackle above it all, tugging them together even as they emotionally stiff-arm one another in desperate, misguided attempts to maintain emotional distance.

Nothing sets a love-hate relationship popping quite like forced skinship to keep up appearances.

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Thus their fake marriage, rather than providing our main couple a haven of sweetness, would instead serve to box our couple into physical proximity when their mutual bitterness would otherwise have forced them apart. In our new drama, Yeon-joo and Kang Chul become a reluctant, two-worlds, badass crimefighting duo whose sole purpose is to rid both worlds of No Face, the creepy, unpredictable walking identity crisis with a gun.

Fortunately, our star-crossed lovers are not alone in the fight. Our plot now has a clear endgame, and our characters have discernable emotional arcs. Together, they will catch No Face while moving past their mutual bitterness. Kang Chul must forgive Yeon-joo for hijacking his autonomy, and Yeon-joo must forgive Kang Chul for shooting her father. Thus our central trio progresses from a fractured trio with divided loyalties to a true team who will stop at nothing to protect both the multiverse and one another.

Not sacrifices that result in death, mind you. Since both Dad and Kang Chul launched the drama by trying to kill one another, the idea that either would die for the other just twists the heart right up. Does the manhwa world end?Will our hero find a way to escape life as a manhwa hero, or die trying to change his fate?

Will two worlds implode, or will our brains implode first? And what really defines a happy ending? The answer may surprise you…. With the police closing in on them, Kang Chul makes the decision to erase Yeon-joo from his family registry and pulls off their wedding rings. Out in the real world, Crazy Dog reaches this part in the episode and his jaw drops. Chul asks Yeon-joo to decide what kind of ending they get, promising to follow her lead.

So she puts her wedding ring back on and calls his plan nonsense. Yessss, this is why we love you! She reaches for his hand, which is still flickering in and out and threatening to disappear, and slides his ring back on too.

Wait, is this really your plan? Yeon-joo says that the only options for leaving her are for him to get sick or die of old age, and declares that her decision is made: They will live out the rest of their lives in here and die. The end. It brings Yeon-joo to tears, and she cries silently in the backseat. Chul drops her off with Dad in a motel before going back to rescue Do-yoon. He remains behind, knowing that this is the deal.

Chul warns him that he has multiple copies, and threatens to turn it over to the police if Assemblyman Han ever attacks one of his people again. It sends Chul tumbling backwards, and he lands on the floor with a thud. Dude, take a number. Chul has stopped listening, and focuses all of his efforts on sliding a chair closer with his foot.

Assemblyman Han starts poking Chul in the face with his gun, and decides that he can go find out the truth for himself in that other world. He whirls around, ready to pull the trigger…. Chul rushes him and they wrestle for the gun, choking each other violently.

w korean drama ending

By the time the henchmen break their way inside, Chul has the gun in hand and shoots them down. Do-yoon is awake now and yells at his subordinates for just leaving Kang Chul there by himself.

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But then they both ask each other where Kang Chul is, and she starts to panic. He asks her to pick him up, because of all the things, he ran out of gas.Half of me is dying with curiosity to know how it all ends, and half of me is content to leave that door closed and enjoy denial land, where hope springs eternal and nobody loses an arm for not being a goddamned hero.

After getting the all-powerful presto magic tablet stolen from him, Assemblyman Han licks his wounds back in the manhwa world. His secretary says that he was in the hospital one minute and not the next, and then reappeared passed out on the floor.

Chul, meanwhile, is brought out to the curb by the factory workers who discovered him in the real world. In the real world, Dad spends all night refreshing his own webtoon, and finally sees the new episode uploaded. He confirms that Yeon-joo is alive, and runs out of the workshop immediately.

He hails a cab to get to the hotel, but before he can get in, the cab disappears. Yeon-joo sees the same chyron overhead outside the hotel and goes to the front desk to ask what day it is.

So-hee thinks Yeon-joo looks familiar, and then remembers her as the woman who went on the run with Kang Chul after he shot Ajusshi. She says that Chul was captured by the police last September, and in flashback we see Assemblyman Han finally give up after torturing Chul to a bloody pulp. He dropped Chul off outside the hospital, knowing that they would call the police.

So-hee says that Chul has been in prison for the past year for murder, evading capture, and faking his own death, and was given the death penalty in March. She tells Yeon-joo to go to court tomorrow if she wants to see Chul, because his appeal trial is about to begin. Well at least someone found a happy ending in this world. That brings the trial to a screeching halt and Chul turns around slowly to face her.

She smiles back at him despite her tears. The judge resumes reading the charges, and Chul just takes a quiet moment to smile to himself in relief. Do-yoon is shocked that Yeon-joo is really alive, half-convinced he hallucinated her resurrection. The happiness at their reunion is short-lived though, because the judge rejects the appeal.

“W” Writer Discusses Drama Ending, Profusely Apologizes To Han Hyo Joo

Yeon-joo is blocked from approaching Kang Chul by the bailiffs, but he asks for just a moment with her before being taken away, and asks why she came only now. Yeon-joo says through tears that she came as soon as she woke up, but a year had passed.Over the past few years, Korean media has become more and more popular in the west.

From K-Pop to K-Dramas many fans across the world are now enjoying what the fascinating country has to offer.

Netflix has certainly picked up on that and there are numerous titles now available to stream. Yoon Jin-Ah is a driven woman completely focused on her career and has no time for romance. Following the officers of the Hongil patrol division, from the lowest cadets to their superiors. Each officer has their unique story in what is one of the busiest, most stressful jobs in the world. A group of college students from all over Korea go from being complete strangers to a big happy family at a Seoul boarding house.

With only days before his major league baseball debut, pitcher Kim Je-hyeok unexpectedly lands himself behind bars. He must learn to navigate his new world with its own rules if he wants to survive. Novelist Jang Jae-yeol clashes with psychiatrist Ji Hae-soo on a talk show, but soon they become roommates.

Five female housemates and college students meet and live at the Belle Epoque. While strangers at first, they are able to bond and connect over the traumas they experienced while growing up.

Together they juggle the perils of adult life. Do Bong Soon was born with supernatural strength and uses her powers for good. While at odds with each other, Son O-Gong and King Wooma search for a true light in a world where evils exist everywhere.

A fighter posing as a night courier agrees to protect a tabloid journalist whose investigation into a long-buried tragedy makes her a target for assassination. Prosecutor Hwang Si-mok who, as a child, lost the ability to feel empathy joins a police lieutenant to try to uncover the true identity of a serial killer. While looking into the case, he must fight rampant corruption within the police department that continuously undermines the investigation.

Si-mok vows to find the perpetrator within two months, but rumors about his violent nature pop up and lead to questions about his ability to lead the case. He eventually sets out to meet the person who he believes is the real murderer. Equipped with nothing more than a GED and strategies for the game of Go, an office intern is thrown into the cold reality of the corporate world.

A Korean boy from a poor family who ends up in the United States after the Shinmiyangyo incident returns to his homeland during a historical turning point. Which Korean Drama is your favorite?Some stories are best told quietly, and Marriage Contract stays true to itself as we follow our little family into the last chapter of our journey beside them.

A balloon touches the candles and bursts with a portentous bang, shocking them out of their merriment. Ji-hoon goes straight there, where the doctor needs him to sign off on an emergency surgery. In shock, Ji-hoon hesitatingly signs the form and Hye-soo is wheeled into surgery. Ho-joon brings Eun-sung to join their vigil. Night falls.

The surgery-in-progress lights go off and Joo-yeon looks to Ji-hoon in alarm. He suggests she take Eun-sung home: Hye-soo will be fine, he says, probably as much as to convince himself. In gratitude and relief, Ji-hoon thanks her with a deep bow, far too shaken to smile or laugh. Now he smiles, and clasping her hand, he thanks her over and over, in a voice so thick with emotion I barely recognize it.

Through the viewing window, Joo-yeon sees his devoted attention. She smiles, too, and the scene fades to black. All these heartbroken little smiles.

Why are we watching this.

더블유 (W- Two Worlds) K-Drama Review!

Ho-joon gets a little teary with a kitty in his lap, no lessand Ji-hoon gently pokes fun at him. Ho-joon asks about his new job, which is part-timing as an investment analyst. On the way out, Ji-hoon bumps into Na-yoon. Sunnier and lighter today, she tells him she came to say goodbye. He laughs that she must be remembering someone else. Joo-yeon gently exposes Hye-soo to her reflection. They must have had to shave off her hair for the surgery, as she now wears a wig.

Hye-soo jokes that she just makes everything look good. Aww, yeah. Joo-yeon tells her that her hubby moved all her things to the new house, and that he and Eun-sung are inseparable. She advises him to take good care of her and be strong. The couple tease her for the slip: Her Ho-joon, is it?

They bring her home to the new house, still full of balloons. Eun-sung dressed as a fairy…kitten! Hye-soo scoops her daughter up into a hug, reunited at last. Hye-soo is touched by the balloon reception, and Ji-hoon releases the kitties into their new home. Her tears spill over as she watches him play with Eun-sung. She later puts Eun-sung to bed, smoothing her hair as she sleeps. She comes out to find Ji-hoon organizing her medicines.

The whole point of this house, he says with his hand creeping up her leg, is so he could be with her aaaalll the time.

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